silver jewellery

Our Handmade Silver Necklace for men is one of the most admired products through men jewellery necklace category. All 925-sterling silver necklaces, pendants, bracelets and other jewelries have been carefully crafted by hand by our special craftsmen for women and men.

Oxidation and two color coating are chosen to charm you in this 925-sterling silver. Our quality standards are set to the highest level by using micron coating and the problems such as blackening or fading are prevented by special coating methods. Special polishing methods are applied to keep the same elegance and appearance for many years in our Necklace model and in other models.

Our Necklace will be sent with its special box and if you like with a gift note. This special necklace is very suitable as birthday gift, or anniversary gift, or for special days like Valentine’s Day maybe on Mother’s Days or just to make her happy. Our necklace will make yourself, and your loved ones happy with Amberistan sparkle.

Amberistan offers 925 sterling silver jewelry inspired by modern city life, traditional culture elements and natural motifs, and produces the most suitable designs for the human soul.

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